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About Michael Lim

When it comes to financial affairs, everyone’s profile is different and unique. As a finance/mortgage broker, I appreciate the sensitivity required. My simple approach is to provide confidential consultation person 2 person, face to face – with you and your family’s best interests at heart. I believe a finance broker’s relationship with their clients should extend beyond the loan approval, for the long term. 

So, why see me?

I’ve had over 18 years experience employed in senior roles in banking in Australia, first in Sydney then later in Perth – private, retail, commercial, business, merchant/corporate & international and have over 15 years experience in finance/mortgage broking. I commenced finance/mortgage broking in Perth when the industry was at it’s infancy, back in 1998 ! I’m equipped to provide well informed counsel in relation to a full array of finance products and services, whilst paying meticulous attention to detail and the subtleties of finances. When I speak finance, I speak from an established and informed knowledge platform !

Having said that, I’ve worked from having a white collar career in high rises, to being FIFO in the Pilbara, a yardy, a gardener, I’ve cleaned toilets, been a security officer and worked at Bunnings – so I can relate to people from all walks of life, from different career fields. Oh, and I joined the Australian Army Reserve at 51 years of age (it’s never too late to try something new) !

As an ex-banker and finance/mortgage broker with a wealth of knowledge & experience, I act as a match maker, sourcing the right loans for you – from over 50 lenders – which not all brokers can do.

I do not charge any fee/s for consultation/s. Please feel free to contact me on 0412 368 649 & I will come to you at your convenience !

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